SuiteSocial builds trust between brands and influencers through a two-sided marketplace that scales influencer marketing. Drawing on experience from both sides of the table, Co-Founder Jennifer DeAngelis has served as a digital brand strategist for clients like Hilton Worldwide, Bass Pro Shops, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts (to name a few), and as a lifestyle influencer on Instagram and YouTube. We know how difficult it can be to find and create authentic and effective content with the right brands or influencers, and when the connection is made the real work of a fair deal still needs to happen. SuiteSocial solves for that.

We do this by finding the right match between influencers and brands, and by pricing each individual influencer based off of their unique data and performance profile through an AI-driven pricing algorithm (because all influencers with 100K followers are not created equal). Lastly, we provide in-depth analytics to deliver customer insights and to inform brand strategy moving forward. SuiteSocial is influencer marketing perfected.

Our team: SuiteSocial was founded by two female UC Berkeley MBAs, Jennifer DeAngelis and Sandy Liu. The duo began working on teams together and quickly realized they had a great working relationship that embodied a yin and yang dynamic, between building communities and analytics. While DeAngelis has deep rooted experience in the influencer market, as a former influencer brand strategist and a current micro-influencer @jendeangelis (also find her on YouTube), Liu has an impressive financial background including Credit Suisse as a quantitative analyst which deeply informed our pricing strategy, as well as social media product development experience. The duo was accepted into the UC LAUNCH accelerator where SuiteSocial took home $10,000 in equity-free prize money on Demo Day. We welcomed Lea Yanhui Li, our CTO and an AI/ML expert. Lea brings 10 years of technology and software engineering leadership experience across enterprise software, cloud infrastructure, machine learning and IoT. She's lead technology and engineering at a number of successful technology companies, such as Oracle and Hitachi. An engineer by heart she loves building stellar product engineering teams and creating innovative and disruptive products. Lea has a background in computer science and computer engineering with a master degree from National University of Singapore. She is also an EMBA19 from Haas school of business, aiming to use business toolkits to help better pursue her passion of utilizing technology as a catalyst for social impact and bringing ideas to fruition. Our team is rounded out with Connor Kennedy, a UC Berkeley Bear focusing on Computer Science, with a robust neural network/AI background.

Whether you’re an influencer or a brand, SuiteSocial is here to help.