Matching brands with suited influencers.

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  1. find suitable influencers you can trust

    SuiteSocial uses a sophisticated data set to find influencers that meet your brand and campaign needs.

I worked with Sandy at SuiteSocial. She really helped to ensure that my company’s needs were met. I couldn’t have created this better myself.
— L. I.

2. pay the FAir price

We take the guesswork out of the negotiation so that each exchange is priced fairly.

When creating campaigns I found that influencers didn’t know how much to charge, and I didn’t how much to pay. With SuiteSocial I know the fair price to pay each influencer which makes influencer campaign planning a breeze.
— I. S.
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3. report campaign results with analytics

Discover your top performing collaborations while discovering valuable customer/follower insights.

I know what worked, what didn’t, and how to maximize my spend next time.
— A. D.